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At IPIC, our strength lies in helping clients generate stronger patents with high commercial value. Our programmes, through facilitation and training, are designed to equip engineers, inventors, designers, researchers, academics and scientists to fully leverage on current trends in patent and IP strategies in order to generate world class IPs and also the ability and know-how to protect and future proof these assets..

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At IPIC, we believe that Innovation does not necessarily have to be earth changing and awe inspiring, innovation is about doing things better which will result in tangible benefits to all stakeholders. We also believe that better is different, but different is not necessarily better, therefore, a big part of our job is to help our clients navigate the innovation story and increase the odds of getting it right in the midst of all the complexity and uncertainty!

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At IPIC, we believe that commercialization should be factored in at stage zero, if inventors or innovators want to increase the likelihood of successfully seeing their concept to market. The failure to identify route to market at the early stage of an idea or concept often means that innovators and inventors have a huge task in dealing with the gap between creation and monetizing of the idea, globally the commercialization statistics makes for dismal reading, global commercialization success average is less than 10%!

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At IPIC Integrated, we are a team dedicated to enabling and building capacity and capability in the areas of Intellectual Property, Innovation and Commercialisation. Since 2001, we have been providing value adding services and programmes to corporations, institutions of higher learning, research houses and SMEs to meet their needs and requirements to compete and operate more meaningfully in today's knowledge and borderless economy.

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